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Our Members

Height: 6‘8"

Scroll below to see all members of our Hall of Fame. For a PDF list of all of the coaches and their description, click here.

Number: 17

Average rebounds

per game:

Weight: 210lbs.

  • Trevor wears glasses for reading only, 
    though he admits to hardly wearing them

  • He hates to shop and lets his mother or girlfriend do it for him

  • Trevor names Lance Armstrong as a person whom he admires

  • Orange is Trevor's favorite M&M flavor

  • Trevor has 3 tattoos, but he wouldn’t reveal where!

  • Trevor‘s nickname as a child was "Little Carter" as he was always tagging along with his older siblings

Turned Pro: 02/09

Shoe size: 46

Average blocks

per game:

Average assists

per game:

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