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Height: 6‘8"

Number: 17

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Our History


Both the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame and the New York State Virtual Basketball Hall of Fame are organized and operated by the Basketball Coaches Association of New York, Inc. (BCANY). However, though they are associated with one another, the two are different, with distinct goals and focuses.


The NYS Basketball Hall of Fame honors the best coaches in the history of basketball in the State. Additionally it honors individuals who have made state-wide contributions to the game in New York State.


The NYS Basketball Virtual Hall of Fame is a vehicle designed to promote relatively easy sharing of information about inductees into the NYS Basketball Hall of Fame. Additionally the site celebrates other aspects of the basketball in New York State that are not included in the NYS Basketball Hall of Fame, such as Outstanding Media, Outstanding Referees, Outstanding Moments, Outstanding Players and Outstanding Teams. Each high school in the state can capture and publicize the history of basketball teams from their high school through our partnership with MaxPreps on the NYS Basketball Virtual Hall of Fame site.

Turned Pro: 02/09

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New York State Hall of Fame


The NYS Basketball Hall of Fame was initiated in 1991. Brian Beaury, BCANY Board member and Men’s Basketball Coach at the College of St. Rose, suggested that BCANY start the Hall of Fame. Brian served as the first chairman of the Hall of Fame Committee. Glens Falls, home of the Boys NYSPHSAA State Tournament seemed a natural place to hold the inductions. Dan Hall, a Glens Falls businessman and community organizer, spearheaded the effort in Glens Falls to provide support for this venture.


The NYS Basketball Hall of Fame inducted its “Starting Five” (Clair Bee, Nat Holman, Ned Irish, Putt LaMay and Jack Curran) in March of 1991. In the early years inductions were held as part of a pre-season basketball tournament or in conjunction with a summer golf tournament in Glens Falls. Inductions held from 1991 to 1998 included players as well as coaches. No inductions were held from 1999 through 2001 as the Hall of Fame reorganized.


Inductions started again in 2002 and were held in conjunction with the Boys and Girls NYS Federation Basketball Tournament in Glens Falls. As of 2002 only coaches and contributors are inducted. An objective point system was adopted and is still used to select those to be inducted. A plaque for each inductee is displayed in the Glens Falls Civic Center, where there is also a display case of information.

Weight: 210lbs.

Shoe size: 46

Virtual Hall of Fame

It was originally planned that the New York State Basketball Hall of Fame would eventually have a permanent site. It was envisioned that the site would house the plaques as well as other memorabilia related to basketball in New York State. Serious research, thought and meetings were held about a site. It was realized that it would take a significant amount of time to raise the money needed for even a modest facility. It was determined that the amount of money needed for annual operating expenses would be difficult to raise.  After careful study of other Hall of Fame sites throughout the nation it was decided that BCANY could not afford to operate a physical site, nor were Halls of Fame throughout the nation well attended. In fact some were closing.


Dave Archer, Executive Director of BCANY, suggested that a Virtual Hall of Fame be developed. Making use of various forms of media those honored through the Hall of Fame could be viewed throughout the nation by anyone. Dave also suggested the Virtual Hall of Fame would be a great place to recognize achievements of others who contributed to basketball in New York State, such as outstanding players, media, and officials. This Virtual Hall of Fame allows fans of all ages to participate in the celebration of basketball.

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