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New York State Outstanding Media Nomination Criteria


To be selected a person must have worked in the media in New York State covering scholastic, collegiate or professional basketball.


1. Longevity (25%)

Provide information as to the length of time the person has worked in the media in New York State.


2. Comparision (25%)

Provide information as to the broader analysis, in-depth profiles and issues-oriented projects that entertain and inform in such a way that it sets them apart from their colleagues.


3. Local impact and credibility (25%)

Provide information to show that this person has had a local impact (and/or regional and state) and credibility. There should be a willingness on the persons part to go above and beyond in order to promote the game.


4. Quality of work (25 %)

Provide some information or evidence about the quality of the work of the person. This can include honors, recognition and awards received.


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