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New York State Hall of Fame Nomination Criteria


The BCANY Hall of Fame Committee of BCANY adapted an objective point system which was developed and successfully used by the Basketball Coaches Association of Michigan.


There are 5 categories for evaluation of a nomination for the Hall of Fame.

Category # 1: Number of years as a head coach,

Category # 2: Won-loss percentage,

Category # 3: Number of championships won each year, with only the highest

championship per year counting,

Category # 4: Evaluation of service and contribution to the game of basketball or thecoaching of basketball. This would include but not be limited to leadership roles (offices) held, events or programs started, and other contributions made.

Category # 5: Evaluation of honors and awards received during th

e coach’s career.


Note: Membership in BCANY is certainly considered. Membership in BCANY for

individuals who coached after 1985 will be evaluated.


All nominations should be sent in by July 1st each year.

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