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New York State Outstanding Player Nomination Criteria


1. Seasons and Statistics (30%)

Provide statistical information for career totals for Points, Rebounds, Steals, Assists, and Blocks. List any school, league or state statistical records held.


2. Player Honors (30%)

Provide information on honors/awards given to the player such as Player of the Year honors, All-Conference/Division/State teams, Local State, or National recognition, etc. (if possible explain the honor/award and year received- or total number for each award)


3. Comparison (30%)

Provide some reasons as to why the nominated player is truly an outstanding player in comparison to other players in the Section or Region or State at the time period in which they played.


4. Contributions to the Game (10%)

Please provide information about the accomplishments/contributions to the game of basketball both during and/or after their playing career. Areas to consider would be participating/organizing benefit games/tournaments, donations, coaching, and volunteer service.

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